Sunday, April 15, 2007

The moment of truth

One golden whole wheat loaf of bread, grown, harvested, processed and baked by my own hands. One week shy of last years planting date, the epic loaf is steaming on my counter ready to be eaten. Not only was there enough flour for one, but another loaf is rising beside this one. Local grain triumphs at this moment in time. As far as I am concerned, this bread blog is complete. A new site I have begun will focus more on the experiences of others- participatory research into where local grain fits into social life- can be found at http://localgrainchain.wordpress.com/

It was a pleasure dragging this out over the last year and my thanks to those who checked in now and then to see if a loaf would ever appear. If internet archaeologists ever uncover this record of history, they will probably ask " what kind of a man keeps 1 kilogram of wheat for a year and brandishes it about like some sort of trophy? Is this compulsive behavior or the beginning of some revolution? Take from this story what you may but the moral remains the same: Local grain has triumphed at this moment. Now excuse me, I've got a loaf of bread to eat....


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