Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thanks for the seeds

On February 24th, the yearly "Seedy Saturday" is being held at Van Dussen Gardens. This is an event where people can buy or trade seeds, exchange knowledge and stories about how important seed and growing are to community life. What started with a small envelope full of wheat seed has grown into a hobby and a challenging passion for me. I want to go and find the woman who sold me this inspiration for $2.00. I want to tell her that this package of seeds has changed the way I look at grains and that I will never forget the smell of spring wheat or the rough feel of the straw on a summer's evening. Plus, in terms of seed and grain, I really need to meet someone who actually knows something about this. Heres a good chance.

Note: I am not suggesting that we can't be proud of Canada's role as a grain producing nation. I am not suggesting that we abolish the Canadian Wheat Board. I am certainly not suggesting that we abandon our 'efficient' and 'highly productive' grain farms. This is NOT grain anarchy. But I do stand behind the need for local grain to be experimented with in our food system in some fashion if we are to truly understand the potentials or limitations of eating locally. I am really going to start using this local grain theory to stir things up....


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