Monday, March 12, 2007

Wheat as catalyst

“During its life cycle the grain of wheat dies and is reborn months later in the form of a spike capable of providing sustenance to human beings. Wheat is the quintessential nutritional plant. It was believed to contain the mystery of life and death and thus it became a sacred plant. One of the essential features of the Neolithic era was plant cultivation. This led to a way of life that had previously been unimaginable and gave birth to new beliefs that completely altered the spiritual universe of humankind”

Food and Culture information about Symbolism of Bread
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture. Copyright © 2003 by The Gale Group, Inc.

Note** I have been practicing baking bread over the last two weeks. I have a much greater appreciation for the craft of a baker- the art and creativity that is worked into each loaf. When I am confident with my abilities, the spring wheat grown in Roberts Creek last year will be milled, mixed, kneaded, baked and eaten.


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