Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just getting started...

Although the ideas surrounding bread, sustainability, community and ecology are really at the heart of the local grain inititative, one of my readers told me that it is really the bread that keeps them interested. I must admit, what started a place to chronicle my wheat growing experience has become much more than that to me. The bread will be baked and the bag of kernels is still sitting in my cupboard. I know this whole process is becoming a bit epic. Before the end of this month (for those of you who also find that its mostly the bread that keeps you reading) I will bake this loaf of bread. But know that when this loaf of bread is baked and eaten the local grain initiative will not stop spreading the message that inspired the scattering of seeds in the first place.

Last year's crop was symbolic- an impracticle amount of grain to do anything substantial with. But the seeds grew and people who never imagined that grain could be a backyard garden crop learned something. Begining in April I am going to be conducting another field trial in wheat growing on a slightly larger scale. I may end up with five times the harvest of last year. If you are drawn to this site in order to see a loaf of bread be baked, so be it. I will bake last years crop for you and the earth. For those of you who want to see the way these ideas about local grain, community and the natural world intersect and work to carve out their place in a dominant food system that prides itself on the large and the mechanized- the local grain initiative is just getting started.


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