Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Prophecy of local grain

...And in the sixth year after the double thousand mark the people of Salmonopolis* will dream about fields of golden grains. They shall begin to wonder about bread and cakes. "Wheat and Rye do not abound us, yet still we eat breads" they will say. And their eyes will be opened and they will see the trails of pollutants that mark the path that the grains must travel, across the plains for days and over the lofty mountains, then down through the valleys and canyons towards the sea. From out the community there will rise a plan. And it will focus on the local and the natural and it shall teach them the language of local grain. It will rejuvenate the noise of the millstones and offer the aroma of rising bread on the streets. Bakers can work with local ingredients making their loaves fresher and healthier. And the empty space in between the people and their grains will narrow, ushering in a new sense of connection with the land and its beneficance. And this shall act as symbol to others who wish to follow.

*The name given to the Bioregion encompassing roughly the Lower Fraser Valley Region of British Colombia, Canada and extending downwards into the state of Washington. Bioregions can be seen as physical and social geography outlining a unique ecological and ecosocial space and place.


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